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Tragedy & Gratitude


Today in Boston, tragedy occurred. You may be wondering how I can even include the word “gratitude” in this title. How can anyone be grateful right now? While I do not understand why these situations occur, I do know that I don’t see all that God sees. I only have my perspective.

I’ve always been a runner. Even as a little girl, almost every day after school I would race other kids across the field to see who was fastest. I was usually 1st or 2nd place (not bragging… it was a very small private school, so there weren’t many kids to be faster than). As I grew older, it became not just a hobby but a passion. I LOVED to run. I still do. I love the fresh air hitting my face (warm or cold) and the scenery around me (leaves or snow). I love the freedom I feel as…

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My Review of THE NORTH FACE Fallen Leaf Beanie

Originally submitted at Eastern Mountain Sports

Brighten stark winter days with the soft hand and warmth of The North Face Fallen Leaf Beanie.

Awesome beanie!

By musicrazy from longmeadow, ma on 1/29/2013
5out of 5

This is my favorite beanie! I absolutely love it and I think the quality is great, although I haven’t had to wash it yet. But seriously, it is so soft and warm… really, really love this one.


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