essential oils: how they effect the brain

by Elizabeth

family health & autism

Essential oils are truly amazing. Every time I use them, I am not only grateful for the way they promote my health, I am in awe with their effectiveness within the body. With the human brain, essential oils can communicate with certain neurotransmitter receptors, which allows them to interact directly with brain cells by crossing the blood-brain barrier (which pharmaceutical drugs can’t do). This is because the tiny molecules of the essential oils dissolve through the dermis layers of the statum corneum (on the skin). The oils then diffuse into the bloodstream and are taken up by the lymph and interstitial fluid, a liquid surrounding all body cells. Once an essential oil enters a capillary, it has entered the circulatory system and can now be distributed to other tissues in the body (Aromatic Beyond the Basics).

At the same time, the aromatic properties of essentials oils can powerfully…

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