by Elizabeth

Living in a house full of people, trust me… I know all about being sick. It’s amazing how quickly things fly around. 1 person gets sick and before you know it, all 7 of us are sick. I don’t know about anyone else, but I cannot afford to constantly be sick. So after many attempts at “dodging the bullet”, I think I’ve finally narrowed down the trick to avoiding the bug… or at least fighting it more quickly with a stronger immune system. Here are my favorite tips & tricks…



1. High quality, whole-food multi-vitamin
High quality brands include: Divine Health, Garden of Life, and Mega Food
2. Fermented Cod Liver Oil or high quality Fish Oil
I prefer Fermented Cod Liver Oil for the vitamin D boost, but fish oil is great too. Just look for a high quality one and supplement with extra vitamin D if needed.
3. High quality Vitamin C
Vitamin C is usually made from corn, most of which is GM. If you are trying to avoid GMOs, look for a high quality, whole food vitamin. Here is one made without corn.
Note: I supplement with vitamin C because I have thyroid issues but I also love it because it helps me to recover faster when I workout.
4. Magnesium
This is best taken not as a vitamin but as a mineral bath with magnesium flakes. (I’ll get into this more on another post).



1. Double dose of Fermented Cod Liver Oil or high quality Fish Oil
I only double the dose for a few days, then go back to my normal dose.
2. Double dose of high quality Vitamin C
Same as above, I only double it for about 3 days, then go back to my normal daily dose.
3. Oil of Oregano 
A powerful antioxidant that only needs to be used for a short amount of time to boost immunity, depending on the supplement form. If it’s concentrated, you may only need to use if for a few days, and then stop.
4. Elderberry Syrup
An awesome anti-viral remedy that can be used as many days as you feel is necessary. Just mix it into a little water, add ice, and it tastes just like a berry tea!


1. Get more sleep & take it easy.

Your body does it’s most important repairing work during times of sleep. It’s wise to increase your normal sleep time to allow your body to fight off any infection. Beyond more sleep, you should also try reducing unnecessary stresses. This can mean doing more walking instead of high intensity or long duration workouts or anything that causes you to feel over-stressed and fatigued. 
2. Avoid refined sugar like the plague. 
This was something I had heard before I really decided to try it. The fact is, sugar does cause inflammation in the body and makes it much more difficult to absorb vitamin C, so even if you are taking some vitamin C here and there, you may be sabotaging your immunity with all that extra sugar you’re indulging in to make yourself feel better. This really hit me when I got sick right before I started a sugar detox. At the end of day 1 of the detox, I felt 50% better. On day 2, I was 100% better. If you’ve already caught something and you’re battling a sore throat, ginger tea with raw honey is great, so is raw honey mixed with a little cinnamon. Yes, honey is sugar but if you buy raw then it’s not refined. 
3. Drink more water and less everything else.
Flush out the toxins with water. If you can, try to drink less caffeine, milk, sodas, juices, etc. Teas that don’t contain caffeine are completely acceptable. Certain varieties can actually help reduce inflammation (try rooibos or chamomile).
4. Eat real food.
If you don’t know what I mean by this, go over to my Real Food Challenge post to get the idea. Basically, you want to minimize overly-processed junk food as much as possible. Let real food be your medicine. Really, this is the most important step you can take to help your body overcome a virus.