Tragedy & Gratitude

by Elizabeth


Today in Boston, tragedy occurred. You may be wondering how I can even include the word “gratitude” in this title. How can anyone be grateful right now? While I do not understand why these situations occur, I do know that I don’t see all that God sees. I only have my perspective.

I’ve always been a runner. Even as a little girl, almost every day after school I would race other kids across the field to see who was fastest. I was usually 1st or 2nd place (not bragging… it was a very small private school, so there weren’t many kids to be faster than). As I grew older, it became not just a hobby but a passion. I LOVED to run. I still do. I love the fresh air hitting my face (warm or cold) and the scenery around me (leaves or snow). I love the freedom I feel as…

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